Rear Windshield Styles For A UTV

When you buy a new utility vehicle, it's common to choose a model that is equipped with a front windshield because of the protection that it provides. In general, you can expect that there won't be a rear windshield behind the cabin, however. If you like the idea of having a rear windshield, the simple solution is to visit a UTV accessories store and buy a rear windshield that will fit your model of vehicle. You'll typically find several different rear windshield styles, each of which can be appealing for different reasons. Here are some rear windshield styles that you can buy at a UTV accessories store.


A clear rear windshield is a popular option because of the high degree of visibility that it offers. If you're planning to do a lot of riding in a group, you might favor a clear rear windshield because it will allow you to easily communicate via hand signals with the rider behind you. If you plan to add a winch to the back of your UTV to assist stuck riders, having a clear rear windshield will make it easy to watch as you pull other vehicles out of mud and snow.


Tinted rear windshields are another style that you'll see when you shop. Similar to tinted windows on street vehicles, the degree of tint can vary from product to product. There are several advantages to choosing a tinted rear windshield. It will help to keep the cabin of your UTV cooler, especially on days that are hot and sunny. If you live in a particularly hot climate, you might favor a darker tint. Additionally, when you're riding when the sun is low in the sky and behind you, the tint will prevent the sun from causing a glare on your instrument panel.


You'll find a lot of UTV rear windshields that have graphics printed on them. The design of the graphics can vary considerably, making it fun to evaluate the options and choose a design that reflects your personality or areas of interest. For example, you'll find a lot of rear windshields that have nature-based or even patriotic themes such as a flag. You'll also find some that have a camouflage motif, which can be a good fit if you expect to use your UTV for hunting. Learn more about these and other designs or products including Polaris Ranger accessories by visiting a UTV accessories store.